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Helvetas Water and Hygiene Project 2014

SWAN has been supporting Helvetas' water projects for many years. Through the projects the locals do not only have access to clean drinking water but are also trained in the construction and maintenance of drinking water systems and of the district and local communities councils and their awareness on hygiene and health are raised.

This year SWAN is supporting a project in Burkina Faso, which lies in West Africa. According to the UNO Human Development Index, Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countires in the world. The goal of this year's project is to improve the living conditions of the locals through clean drinking water and improved sanitation. To learn more about the project click here.

Through many years of working with Helvetas, we can ensure that our donations are used rightly.

SWAN hopes 2014 has been just as memorable for you as if has been for us. We wish you a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with peace and happiness.

Product News (November 2014)

The AMI Silica Family

Our first member of the AMI Silica Family is our AMI Silica, which was introduced in 2011. Our AMI Silica covers a wide range of applications (water steam cycles, cooling- and surface water) due to its wide measuring range.

One of our new family members is our AMI Silitrace, which complements our Silica Family. With its tempered photometer, it is suggested to use our AMI Silitrace for all low temperature applications as the instruments measuring range starts at 0,5ppb, which makes the AMI Silitrace ideal for applications such as Make-up Water, all pure water treatment systems and Condensate. Read more...

Our other new family member is our AMI Silitrace Ultra. This analyser is our designated Ultrapure Water & Semicon instrument. We are pleased to say that our AMI Silitrace ultra is the only instrument on the market which is able to measure low silica concentration levels to fulfil the strict limits of the new guideline of the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (0,01ppb/10ppt). Our AMI Silitrace Ultra will replace our COPRA Silitrace.

The AMI Silica still remains the ideal instrument for Boiler Water and Steam application where the expected silica values are higher than 1,0ppb. Read more...