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Continuous on-line reproducibility of 5 ppt which enhances our ultra-high measuring range of silica trace levels in ultra-pure water

Hinwil, Switzerland 17-08-2016 – SWAN’s AMI Silitrace Ultra is a unique product solution that embodies continuous reproducibility with ultra-high accuracy in the on-line monitoring of silica concentration in ultra-pure water (UPW), to ensure the integrity of product quality.


  • Measuring range: 5 ppt (0,005 ppb) to 25 ppb
  • Reproducibility: ± 0.005 ppb or ± 5%
  • Continuous and automatic monitoring of main instrument functions such as: sample flow, reagent supply and process integrity
  • UPW concentrator (patented “Carrcentrator” or Reversed Osmosis System created by SWAN AG in partnership with Intel Corporation)

The AMI Silitrace Ultra is the only product of its kind, capable of combining a measuring range of 0.005 ppb - 25 ppb, previously only obtainable through sample testing in analytical laboratories, with an on-line and continuous reproducibility of ± 5 ppt. Knowing true contaminant levels at all times is crucial for gap free data accumulation and valuable (future) trend analyses.
This is due to the fact that the AMI Silitrace Ultra uses the UPW concentrator technique; an evidence based method that enhances our powerful on-line silica analyzer to continuously monitor real silica levels in UPW up to 40 times more accurate. This technique uses the innovative UPW concentrator (Carrcentrator), which was created by SWAN AG in partnership with and patented by Intel Corporation.

Find out more about the AMI Silitrace Ultra.


3rd Power Cycle Instrumentation Seminar 2016 (Beijing, China)

18-06-2016 – SWAN participated at the 3rd PPChem Power Cycle Instrumentation Seminar held in Beijing from the 18th to the 19th of June.
This event was organized by PowerPlant Chemistry Journal, one of the industry’s most dedicated journals, with the support of BOECS and SWAN Analytical Instruments AG.

Jieyu Cao, Director of the Plant Chemistry Technical Department at TPRI and Dr. Barry Dooley, Executive Secretary from IAPWS moderated two exciting days.
SWAN actively participated in the conference with well-received presentations held by Randy Turner, Technical Director of SWAN USA and Manuel Sigrist, CEO of SWAN Systems AG.

Other well-received speakers were Fengtao Wang, Director of the Environmental Research Institute, HNEPRI, Ying Zhao, Senior Chemistry Executive of Production Department – Datang International Power Generation Co. LTD and Tapio Werder, Editor of the PowerPlant Chemistry Journal.

This event focused on the domains of:

  • Discussing the choice of appropriate chemical treatment for water-steam cycles
  • Evaluating an appropriate chemical regime according to IAPWS
  • Discussing the management of cycle chemistry
  • Promoting technical exchange on power plant chemistry between china and abroad