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Ozone Sanitization of purified water systems in the pharmaceutical industry: Improving Process Safety with AMI Codes-II O3

Sanitization with ozone is the standard method for protecting systems for cold storage and distribution of purified and highly purified water for pharmaceutical purposes against microbial contamination. However, a reliable and safe implementation requires the accurate measurement of ozone at all relevant sampling points: It assures sufficient continuous levels of ozone in the storage tank, efficient periodic sanitization of the distribution system and the complete destruction of ozone before using the water in pharmaceutical production processes.

The new AMI Codes-II O3 for the measurement of trace concentrations of ozone is an ideal choice for these tasks. It transfers the robust, colorimetric lab standard procedure according to DIN-38404-3 to an online monitor:

  • Low detection limit of 1 ppb
  • No sensitivity loss during longer-term absence of ozone
  • Assured long-term stability through automatic zero-point detection as part of every measurement
  • No running-in time after maintenance

AMI Codes-II O3 was specifically designed according to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and is available with a straightforward instrument qualification package and a convenient kit for simple instrument performance verification. Detailed self-monitoring routines assure the proper functionality of the instrument at all times. These distinctive features enable you to effortlessly comply with your validated procedures every day.

Confidently protect your purified water system and production facilities from contamination.

Coming soon in September...

Congratulations SWAN Analytical UK Ltd.

In January of 2016, SWAN Analytical UK Ltd. agreed upon a framework with ID Systems (IDS).  Through the framework SWAN Analytical UK Ltd. has been able to provide the largest water utility in Scotland with numerous AMI Turbiwells. IDS not only provides for larger scaled water treatment plants, they provide other companies too, such as Ross-Shire Engineering. Ross-Shire Engineering, located in the north of Scotland, works with mobile and smaller sized local water treatment plants. They build the small scale water treatment plants and ship them to the final location.

SWAN’s AMI Turbiwell is a non-contact turbidimeter which requires a minimal maintenance, with no moving parts. Furthermore, the AMI Turbiwell only requires a low sample flow to measure – which is especially appealing to smaller sized water treatment works. Due to its measurement principle, the AMI Turbiwell can be applied to all types of water – from pure water through to effluent. The AMI Turbiwell can also easily cope with heavily gassed samples, making it the ideal solution to all water monitoring requirements.

For more information: AMI Turbiwell