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AMI SAC254 - Simplifying monitoring of organics in potable water treatment processes

The AMI SAC254 is an online monitor for continuous measurements of UV-absorption (a surrogate parameter, which is correlated to various carbon-based parameters such as DOC and TOC) at a wavelength of 254nm.

The AMI SAC254 uses a unique and dynamic measuring method, which provides accurate results without drift and is insensitive of fouling and aging of the light source. Monitoring SAC (Spectral Absorption Coefficient) at 254nm is a fast and relatively simple compared to traditional lab measurements. Thus, this instrument allows you to save chemicals, energy and costs by improving the efficiency of individual treatment steps. Additionally, the AMI SAC254 enables early detection of unwanted events, making it ideally equipped for cost efficient and constant trend monitoring in your water network.

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Meet us at Aquatech

Visit us at Aquatech 2017 in Amsterdam, the leading trade exhibition for water technology professionals. Don't miss your chance to gather information about all our unique instruments and services. SWAN has developed new instruments which are user-friendly, time saving and reliable.

For the power industry, our AMI CACE, no more resin change! Conductivity After Cation Exchange (CACE) has never been easier than with the new EDI technology which combines cation exchange and in-place resin regeneration.

For the potable water industry, our AMI SAC254. With its dynamic absorbance measurement it improves the accuracy and reliability of the on-lines SAC(254) measurement, minimizes your maintenance and extends the measuring range. To find out more, one of our experts will be holding a presentation on DOC removal on Wednesday, November 01, at 13:30 in the Europa Foyer.

Our latest instrument for the pharma industry, AMI Codes-II O3 , will be on show. AMI Codes-II O3 is a dependable ozone monitor with reliable results even after long term absences of ozone.

Our experts look forward to welcoming you in Hall 2, Booth 02.228