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Meet the Experts at IFAT 2018 in Munich

IFAT is the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, and is a place where visitors can find strategies and solutions for using resources in intelligent cycles in a manner that ensures their long-term preservation- what a great deal of success.

SWAN has developed new instruments with unique features to help you with your measurements and to make reading measurements easier for you. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to meet the experts for online water analytical instruments. Our three new instruments will be shown on our booth;
For the power industry, our AMI CACE, no more resin change! Conductivity After Cation Exchange (CACE) has never been easier than with the new EDI technology which combines cation exchange and in-place resin regeneration.

For the potable water industry, our AMI SAC254. With its dynamic absorbance measurement it improves the accuracy and reliability of the online SAC(254) measurement, minimizes your maintenance and extends the measuring range.

Our latest instrument for the pharma industry, AMI Codes-II O3 , will be on show. AMI Codes-II O3 is a dependable ozone monitor with reliable results even after long term absences of ozone.

Gold Sponsor at the API PowerChem Asia Pacific 2018

Meet us at the API PowerChem Asia Pacific 2018 in Queensland, AU, from Sunday 20 to Thursday 24 May 2018. The aim of the PowerChem Conference is to provide a platform for power station chemists, provide best practice techniques and to bring personnel with diverse experience together to share learnings and experiences.

Don’t miss our presentation on Tuesday, 15:25, “EDI for CACE Measurement in Power Plants using EDI Technology to Minimise Resin Usefield Results and Conclusions” and our Instrumentation Training on Thursday, both held by our Sales Director. To register, please click here.

SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG is proud to be the gold sponsor of this significant conference, exhibition and training. For more information and the detail agenda can be found here.