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Keep your cooling water safe  –  make disinfection more efficient.

Hinwil, Switzerland 01-11-2016 – SWAN on-line analyzers continuously measure the dosing of disinfectants such as free chlorine, monochloramine, total residual chlorine and combined chlorine to efficiently monitor biological contaminations.

Cooling water conditions tend to promote the growth of hazardous bacterial contamination such as Legionella.

In order to effectively control and inhibit the development of bacterial contamination (e.g. Legionella) and their host organisms, it is essential to implement on-line analyzers at critical control points in order to continuously guarantee safe cooling water conditions.
The SWAN on-line analyzers AMI Codes-II CC and AMI Codes-II TC are turnkey instruments to continuously monitor the dosage of free chlorine, monochloramine, total residual chlorine and combined chlorine in cooling water.

AMI Codes-II CC and AMI Codes-II TC:

  • Broad measuring range of 0.05 to 10 ppm
  • Automatic zero calibration for long term stability
  • Maximum functionality with combined measurement of free chlorine, monochloramine and total chlorine and combined chlorine
  • No precipitation of the reagents due to high salt concentration


Keep your cooling water safe with SWAN’s on-line analyzers.
Find out more about AMI Codes-II CC and AMI Codes-II TC.


SWAN Launches New Monitor AMI CACE

Acid conductivity monitoring - No more resin changing required

Hinwil, Switzerland 04-10-2016 – SWAN has re-invented the conductivity measurement with an attractive blend of reproducibility and performance, lowering resin consumption and significantly minimizing time and costs spent on maintenance.
AMI CACE continuously measures conductivity, before and after cation exchange, as well as determining the pH value of the sample and alkalizing reagent concentration.
The online monitor AMI CACE will be a key component of current and next generation water steam cycle instrumentation as it enables significant cost savings at increased instrument availability.

  • No resin changing or resin rinse down time required
  • Low maintenance
  • Continuous monitoring of sample flow and sample temperature
  • Short response time for the detection of anions

Find out more about the AMI CACE.