Monitor AMI-II CACE Degasser AC


AMI-II CACE Degasser is a complete system for online monitoring of specific conductivity (SC), conductivity after cation exchange (CACE) with continuous EDI resin regeneration, and degassed conductivity after sample reboiling (DCACE) according to ASTM D4519-16. Sample pH and alkalizing agent concentration (i.e. ammonia) are calculated simultaneously from measured values. 

AMI-II CACE Degasser offers comprehensive monitoring of steam and condensate quality in power and industrial plants, with degassed cation conductivity measurement to detect anionic impurities separately from dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2).

  • Highest sample degassing efficiency.
  • Effective and stable CO2 removal from the sample, with a continuous determination of the heater setpoint based on atmospheric pressure.
  • Continuous operation with automatic regeneration of the cation exchange resin by electrodeionization (EDI): no resin exchange, no chemicals for regeneration, no maintenance, reduced operation costs.
  • Continuous CACE and DCACE measurements, as cation resin is no more exhausted.
  • Fast response time after start-up.
  • Compact dimensions with minimal power consumption and sample flow.
  • Integrated and efficient sample cooling system: no hot water goes to drain.
  • Integrated self-diagnostic capabilities for measurement validation and reliable operation.
  • Factory tested, ready for installation and operation.
IXA23582100 AMI-II CACE DG_Tech.png