Monitor AMI pH-Redox QV-Flow AC


Complete system mounted on stainless steel mounting panel.

Transmitter in aluminum housing (IP 66) with 2 signal outputs for measuring value or for continuous control, 2 relays as limit switch or controller or timer, 1 alarm relay as summary alarm contact, 1 input for potential-free contact.

Flow cell QV-Flow pHT1000 made of stainless steel SS316L with built-in temperature sensor, flow adjustment valve and digital sample flow meter for two PG13.5 sensors.

  • Measuring range:
    - with Swansensor ST: 1.00 to 13.00 pH respectively -400 to +1’200 mV
    - with Swansensor SI/FL: 1.00 to 12.00 pH respectively -500 to +1'500 mV
  • Process connections:
    - Inlet: Swagelok ¼" tube adapter
    - Outlet: G ½” adapter for flexible tube Ø 20 x 15 mm, pressure-free
  • Power Supply
    -100-240 VAC (±10%)
    -10-36 VDC
For further information see data sheet.