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Out now: Chematest 35 Shurecon CT Conductivity Sensor

The Swansensor Shurecon CT has been developed for the exclusive use with Swan's Chematest 35 handheld and measures within a range from 0 µS/cm to 100 mS/cm. The four-electrode design is insensitive to polarization effects. Swansensor Shurecon CT is provided with a detailed factory calibration certificate. All sensor-specific data, the factory calibration and the user calibration history, is permanently stored on the sensor.

Swansensor Shurecon CT is robust and easy to operate. For reliably accurate measurements a protective sleeve covers the sensing element and prevents that the sensor is placed too close to container walls. The protective sleeve can be unscrewed for easy cleaning. 


Chematest 35 - The mobile handheld device for use in public pools, potable water, pharmaceutical and food production applications in short:

  • Photometer for disinfectant measurements
  • Sensor connections for measurements of pH, redox potential (ORP) and specific conductivity 
  • Interactive Bluetooth Chematest App

For more information please visit chematest.swan.ch or Chematest 35.