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AMI Turbiwell - Potable Water Treatments

Simplify your turbidity measurements with our AMI Turbiwell analyzer!

Our AMI Turbiwell provides a non-contact nephelometric system for automatic and continuous measurement of turbidity in potable water - as per ISO 7027/EPA 180.1. By using a non-contact turbidimeter the optical elements are not in direct contact with the sampling. Therefore, no fouling occurs.

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Performing a verification on our AMI SAC254 analyzer

The AMI SAC254 is a complete monitoring system for the continuous measurement of UV absorption at 254 nm for organic carbon trend monitoring in potable water and wastewater effluent.

The correct function of the instrument can be checked with a verification. The verification checks the stability of the instrument using a certified standard solution provided by Swan. For this purpose, the raw SAC254 value is compared with a reference value indicated on the standard bottle. The result is saved in the verification history.

Find out how to perform a SAC254 verification by watching our video below!