Back Pressure Regulator; 4 channel with manometer


Back Pressure Regulator for a stable sample flow rate to guarantee reliable and accurate measuring results.

  • Provides stable flow rates to instruments even if sample flow is not constant
  • Acts also as a relief valve for up to 600 l/h short term
  • Made of stainless steel SS316L.
  • One sample inlet, one overflow outlet and 4 outlets to the instruments. The overflow outlet is also useful for grab sampling.
  • Outlet pressure indicator (stainless steel) 0 ... 2.5 bar
  • 4 sample outlet shut-off valve
  • No separate grab sample valves necessary
  • Sample in- and outlets with ⅛" female threads are quipped with Swagelok fittings for ¼" tubing (inlet: angle, outlets: straight).



  • Other Swagelok or Serto connections available as accessory.