Swansensor Flow deltaT


Calorimetric flow meter based on heat dissipation for applications in potable water, surface water treatment and effluent.

  • Based on heat dissipation for flow indication.
  • Sensor including stainless steel tube (1.4404), heating module and two temperature sensors.
  • Free flow through tube with Ø 10mm inner diameter.
  • Easy cleaning if necessary (simple tube). No fouling.
  • Sensor assembled with fixed cable (1m length).
  • Factory calibrated (Accuracy: ± 20%).
    Can be calibrated in the field if higher accuracy is required.


For use with:

  • AMI pH-Redox, AMI pH/mV:pH/mV
  • AMI Oxysafe
  • AMI Solicon4
  • AMI Turbiwell
  • AMI ISE Universal