Transmitter AMU-II Pharmacon AC


Order/No. Description
A-81.460.010 AMU-II Option Profibus/Modbus Interface
A-81.460.020 AMU-II Option USB Interface
A-81.460.030 AMU-II Option HART Interface
A-81.740.010 RS232 to USB converter for AMU-II
A-85.134.020 Test resistance plug according USP <645>; Pharmacon
A-87.329.010 1 ?" Mounting clamp for sanitary flange and welding nipple. Pressure resistant up to 6 bar.
A-87.329.011 PTFE-sealing for sanitary flange 1?" Tri-Clamp
A-87.335.100 Swansensor Pharmacon; SAN
A-87.335.200 Swansensor Pharmacon; NPT
A-88.155.X20 Sensor cable for Sensors with M16 plug
A-96.150.691 Operator's Manual AMU-II Pharmacon, english