Flow cell CATCON+ SL, 1m


  • Flow cell made of stainless steel SS316L for two sensors with SWAN patentet slot-lock quick release adapter, fitting length 40 mm, e.g SWANSENSOR UP-CON1000-SL.
  • Needle valve for sample flow adjustment.
  • Built-in cation exchanger, resin in plastic bottle.
  • Built-in flowmeter.


Process connection:

  • Sample inlet: Swagelok connection for tube ¼"
  • Sample outlet: Pressure-free outlet (funnel with connection for flexible tube 15x20 mm)


Sample requirements:

  • Sample flow: 5 to 20 l/h
  • Sample pressure: 0.2 to 2 bar
    Pressure-free outlet necessary.
  • Temperature: max. 50 °C
  • no sand, no oil



  • Wall installation with mounting kit (included in delivery).


Cation exchanger:

  • Cleaned resin (Nuclear Grade) ready for operation (included in delivery + empty replacement bottle).
  • Resin sufficient at 1 mg/l ammonia (pH 9.4):
    - 4 months operation at 10 l/h flow
    - 5 months at 5 l/h.
  • Change of resin by exchanging the prefilled resin plastic bottle.


Delivery includes:

  • Flow cell with needle valve, flow measurement, cation exchanger (bottle with ion exchanger and empty replacement bottle without ion exchanger).