Monitor AMI Turbiwell 7027


  • Non-contact turbidimeter (Nephelometer according to ISO 7027) with control electronics, sample chamber, drain valve for chamber purging (manual or automated) and sample degasser (optional).
  • Complete system mounted on PVC panel (400 x 850 mm), factory calibrated (Formazine) and ready for operation.
  • Measuring and control transmitter in an aluminum case (IP 66). Two signal outputs freely scalable and with simulation mode. Potential-free alarm contact as summary alarm indication for programmable alarm values and for instrument faults. Monitoring of maintenance requirements.


  • Measuring range:
    - 0.000 to 200 FNU/NTU with a precision of ± 0.003 FNU or 1% of reading, automatic range switching.
  • Sample conditions:
    - Flow rate: approx. 20-60 L/h
    - Temperature: up to 45 °C
  • Power Supply
    -100-240 VAC (±10%)
    -10-36 VDC


For further information see data sheet.