CT App


The CT App is a software for the communication between a Chematest 30, 35 or 42 and a mobile device or PC with access to Google Chrome or MS Edge.






  • download measurement data
  • change language (switch language pack)
  • edit user IDs
  • edit sample IDs
  • easy access to manuals


Minimum Requirements:

  • Chematest: bootloader v1.01 and firmware v1.03
  • Computer / mobile device: Bluetooth 4.0 Interface
  • Webbrowser: Google Chrome 80, MS Edge 80
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Android, macOs


Important note on Windows 10 compatibility:

All versions of Windows 10 support the CTApp and its functions as downloading of measurement data or editing of user and sample ID lists. However, we observed that the upload of a firmware to a Chematest is most stable with Windows 10 build 2004, which introduced several improvements of bluetooth communication, or later builds. We recommend to exclusively use these Windows versions for language pack changes or firmware upgrades.


If you have further questions regarding the compatibility of Chematest devices and the CT App, please contact SWAN Support.