The SWAN online conductivity monitors for water steam cycles provide the complete scope of conductivity measurements for maximum instrument availability and gap free trend analysis.

Conductivity in water steam cycles is measured as specific conductivity (total conductivity), acidic conductivity, conductivity after cation exchanger CACE and degassed conductivity.

Monitor AMI Powercon Specific

Monitor for continuous specific (total) conductivity measurement.

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Monitor AMI Powercon Acid

Monitor for continuous acid (cation) conductivity measurement.

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Transmitter AMU-II Powercon AC

Single channel electronic transmitter/controller for panel insertion.

For measurement of conductivity in power cycles.

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IXA13650X00 AMU-II Powercon


On-Line monitor that continuously measures conductivity, before and after cation exchange (CACE). Additionally, it determines the pH value of the sample and alkalizing reagent concentration.

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IXA23462000 AMI CACE provisorisch.jpg

Monitor AMI Deltacon Power

Dual channel conductivity monitor for specific (total) and acid (cation) conductivity. Calculation of the sample pH value and alkalizing reagent concentration based on differential conductivity measurement.

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Monitor AMI Deltacon Degasser AC

Triple channel conductivity monitor for specific- (total), acid- (cation) and degassed-conductivity.

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QS-Monitor AMI INSPECTOR Conductivity

Portable inspection equipment for quality assurance of conductivity monitors.

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QS-Monitor AMI INSPECTOR Conductivity, 2 m sensor cable

Portable inspection equipment for quality assurance of conductivity monitors.
Including 2 meter sensor cable.

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Single Components

All components, single and dual channel electronic transmitters/controllers, flow cells with and without cation columns and sensors are available separately for system integration.

  • Transmitters
    Single and dual channel transmitters for wall mounting or panel insertion.
  • Sensors
    Titanium precision conductivity sensors with integrated temperature probe.
  • Cables
    Quality cables for conductivity sensors.
  • Flow Cells
    Stainless steel flow cells with and without digital sample flow meter and needle valve.
  • Cation Flow Cells
    Cation flow cells for one or two sensors with integrated cation column.
  • Cation Column
    Easy to change cation column in a commercially available bottle.

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