Chematest 35


Order/No. Description
A-85.112.300 Calibration solution pH 4 40ml
A-85.113.300 Calibration solution pH 7 40ml
A-85.114.300 Calibration solution pH 9 40ml
A-85.119.010 pH-Calibration set (1x pH 7, 1x pH 9, each 40 ml)
A-85.121.300 Redox buffer 475mV, 40ml
A-85.510.100 Oxycon Start; 45ml
A-85.510.200 Oxycon DPD 1a & 1b; 45ml
A-85.510.300 Oxycon 2, 45ml
A-85.580.100 Oxycon pH (phenol red) 45ml
A-85.580.200 Oxycon GL
A-85.580.300 Oxycon CA
A-85.590.200 Oxycon Pool (Start, DPD 1a & 1b, pH, each 1x 45ml)
A-85.590.300 Oxycon Chlor (Start, DPD 1a & 1b, 2, each 1x 45ml)
A-85.590.400 Oxycon DES (Start, DPD 1a & 1b, GL, each 1x 45ml)
A-85.590.500 Oxycon Ozon (DPD 1a & 1b, 2, GL, each 1x 45ml)
A-85.610.100 Oxycon Carbonate Hardness


Order/No. Description
A-85.153.581 Veri-Kit Photometry for Chematest 30/35/42, Type P
A-87.160.014 Swansensor pH for Chematest 35/42
A-87.391.014 Swansensor Shurecon for Chematest 35/42
A-87.460.014 Swansensor Redox for Chematest 35/42
A-97.017.801 Chematest 30/35/42 chlorine quality certification
A-97.017.802 Chematest 30/35/42 ozone quality certification

Spare parts

Order/No. Description
A-70.065.205 Carrying case for Chematest 35/42
A-70.065.600 Brush for cuvette
A-70.065.603 Cuvette 60 mm
A-70.065.631 Glass cuvette 60mm (Pack of 10)
A-70.065.632 Cuvette adapter P/T including cover for Chematest 30/35/42
A-70.065.633 Spare set for Chematest 30/35/42
A-70.065.634 Sensor storage container
A-70.065.635 Cuvette Chematest, Type P - Photometry, Glass
A-70.065.636 Cuvette Chematest, Type P - Photometry, Glass (Pack of 10)
A-70.065.639 Cuvette Chematest, Type P - Photometry, Plastic
A-70.065.640 Cuvette Chematest, Type P - Photometry, Plastic (Pack of 10)
A-70.065.923 Chematest 35 replacement instrument
C-85.520.040 Cleaning Tissue for cuvette (Pack of 100)
C-88.917.200 USB-Charging cable
C-89.511.010 Blister box for reagent bottles