Monitor AMI Powercon-Acid Pre-rinse AC


Order/No. Description
A-82.841.030 Cation exchanger - bottle; 1 liter, full
A-82.841.035 Cation exchanger - resin, 10 liters, without bottle
A-82.849.010 Set of spare filters CATCON, 5 pcs.


Order/No. Description
A-75.310.000 QS-Monitor AMI INSPECTOR Conductivity
A-75.310.002 QS-Monitor AMI INSPECTOR Conductivity, 2 m sensor cable
A-81.420.020 AMI Option; Profibus- / Modbus Interface
A-81.420.042 AMI Option; USB Interface
A-81.420.050 AMI Option; 3rd signal output
A-81.420.060 AMI Option; HART Interface
A-82.841.030 Cation exchanger - bottle; 1 liter, full
A-88.224.220 Communication cable, AMI to PC, 2 m

Spare parts

Order/No. Description
A-83.910.100 Blind plug 3/4" NPT slot-lock, stainless steel
A-86.190.070 Tubing kit for CATCON with DA
A-89.811.060 Set of fuses for AMI
C-82.930.040 Bottle PP 1 Litre