Monitor AMI Deltacon Degasser AC


Transmitter AMI Deltacon DG, electronic heater controller, sample reboiler unit and three conductivity sensors UP-Con1000-SL in flow cells Catcon-Plus-SL and B-Flow UP-CON-SL mounted on a stainless steel panel, ready for installation and operation.

Transmitter with two signal outputs for measured values or continuous control, two relays as limit switches or as controllers, alarm relay as summary alarm indication, input for potential free contact.

The flow cell is equipped with a manual flow adjustment valve and a digital sample flow meter.

  • Measuring range:
    - 0.055 to 1000 μS/cm,
    - pH 7.5 to 11.5,
    - ammonia 0.01 to 10 ppm
  • Sample conditions:
    - Temperature: up to 50 °C
    - Inlet pressure: up to 2 bar
    - Outlet pressure: pressure-free (atmospheric drain)
  • Sample connections:
    - Inlet: Swagelok ¼” tube adapter
    - Outlet: G ½” adapter for flexible tube 20 x 15 mm
  • Power Supply
    - 100-240 VAC (±10%)
    - 10-36 VDC

Use of the SWAN Back Pressure Regulator is highly recommended.

For further information see data sheet